Social Entrepreneurship

Up to this point, we have discussed non-profit and government jobs as two common career paths for public interest lawyers. Today, I’ll tackle another path that often isn’t considered public interest work at all but that I think should be: social entrepreneurship. Simply put, social entrepreneurship is the idea that private companies can pursue profits while also contributing to the public good. In order to qualify as a public interest job, I think more than a nominal contribution to the public good is required. A company that donates a small portion of its profits to charity, without more, would not fit my definition of social entrepreneurship. Instead, I use the term to describe companies who exist primarily to make the world a better place, even if they make some money along the way.

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How to Avoid Burnout

It’s the time of year when law students are finishing their final exams and many are returning home for a few weeks of R&R before spring semester starts. This year, my students seemed more stressed than usual, probably in part because the pandemic won’t seem to go away. We powered through for awhile, but many people – including me! – are hitting a breaking point.

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