Announcing “Becoming a Public Interest Lawyer”

You may have noticed that I have not published a post in awhile. The reason is that I have been working on book based on this blog. It’s called Becoming a Public Interest Lawyer and it will be published soon. Unless there are supply chain issues, it will be out in September 2022. It is a comprehensive guide for aspiring public interest lawyers and is particularly geared towards pre-law and law students. I hope it will be useful and I will need your help getting it in the hands of people who could benefit from it. As soon as I have an order link, I will post it here. Once you read it, please drop me a note with your thoughts.

I will continue to write on this blog, but it will transition to a space where I can invite other public interest lawyers and law students to share their wisdom and where I can provide more topical information about public interesting lawyering. I hope you remain a reader!

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