Becoming a Public Interest Lawyer now available

Great news! My book, Becoming a Public Interest Lawyer, is now for sale. Here is the book description:

Becoming a Public Interest Lawyer is a comprehensive guide for prospective, current, and recently-graduated law students who want a career in public interest law. It helps students decide which kind of public interest job is right for them and then gives them the tools and information they need to land their dream job. It provides candid, practical advice on how to choose a law school, survive the first year, develop a resume, search for a job, and manage student debt. Extended sections cover summer internships, public interest fellowships, law school extracurricular activities, and life after law school as a public interest lawyer. It is written for those who want to use their law degree to do good in the world but who need help charting their path. Anyone can have a meaningful, successful public interest legal career. This book lights the way.

You can order it directly from West Academic or from Amazon. As always, I welcome feedback on my contact page.

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